Dried Poppy Head

  • Colour: Cream/Brown
  • Season: Autumn/Winter
  • Dried/Faux: Dried

These natural dried poppy heads are absolutely stunning. The detail and range in colour adds such luxury to your wreath. As they are dried, their stems are a little more fragile than their faux alternative and they won’t last forever. But at this price, they are perfect for this autumn/winter. They go with most designs and will give an instant natural feel.


The naturally dried poppy heads 2-4cm diameter and the bunches are 60cm in length various colours available

Papaver or Poppy heads are grown for their seedheads. The variation in shape and size of our poppy heads only enhances their natural beauty. Gorgeous in their natural colour, they can also be dyed or painted in a variety of colours. Their natural stems are a bit wonky but that’s just how they are dried and grown. Perfect for displaying en masse or in all sorts of arrangement.

Price is per bunch (based on weight approximate 12-15 stems per bunch